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Knowledge without wisdom: A comparison of Adapa: the Man and Anthem

     One doomed to die and the other to be damned. Which is worse I cannot say, but both short stories’ protagonists have within them many threads of similarity, which condense to form the spider’s web objectivism. Each is gifted with the gift of knowledge above that of other men, one knows it and the other not. Adapa, was given the knowledge commensurate to that of a heavenly figure, as shown in the verse “He was wise like one of the Gods. When he gave an order it was as though Ea (a), the master him self, that subtle God had spoken.” 1. Equality 7-2521 was more realistically gifted, specifically in the field of sciences.

     The obedience of the world to Adapa was his downfall. In his naïve manner he spoke out and broke the wing of the south wind making the lands still for several days. The result of his act caused him to come before the Anu, the king God, and make his case. By his incapacity to think for himself, Adapa damned all men on earth where as Equality 7-2521 saved them.

 Had the world council not defied Equality 7-2521, perhaps, he would have met the same failing as Adapa. For though both characters were deemed with great intelligence they lacked wisdom, which is a very different thing indeed.

     Equality 7-2521 presented his invention to the world council, confessing along side it the many collectivist laws he had broken in order to create “the power of the sky” – known to us as electricity- in a future world, where all think and act as one or do not think or act at all. If he had succeeded in convincing the council of the blessing of this discovery, chaos would have imposed itself upon that world in which he lived.

     To give a people such as those in the story that were at the very nadir of the society’s existence would cause a abrupt series of actions similar to that of setting off a mine field. By opposing him so profusely, forcing him into hiding as they did, the change came onto the world slowly in a style referred to as the salami technique; one slice at a time.

     To the same, Adapa, if he had not been so easily followed, there may have been an opaque screen of hope. For, had he had to work for his gifted anointment then his character might not have developed into such a fractious personage, for knowledge without wisdom is as dangerous as power without knowledge.

Each character could learn from the other’s ways and then, perhaps solve the problems of their own. Take note of the fact that the man that you truly knew faulted, and the man that you thought you knew survived.

It is a reminder of the quote “be wiser than other people if you can, but do not tell them so.” 1. If one is underestimated it

can be a great tool. For as people are shoved aside, ignored, or laughed at they are weeded out, until only those true to their

cause remain. This was the case with Equality 7-2521, but not with Adapa. There in, lies their true difference.


Sometimes we are just too quick to judge:

 In the September twenty- third UN meeting PM Chretien proposed that Canada be “internationally endorsed” in a “Military intervention” of other countries whose citizens find themselves persecuted with out means of help due the actions of their governments.

At first I found myself angered with these remarks. Quotes found in the article clearly insinuate that the Prime Minister is both ready and willing to send troops into Iraq.  After his preeminent refusal of joining America he turns and instead joins Pr. Bush in urging the UN to intervene in Iraq’s situation.

The gears turned in my head; why would he do this? I am against the war and have been from the start. It has been a media’s market through the process of it, a sick form of entertainment to some and a fecund of glory for others. I did not want to be a tool of the media and I was appalled at the idea of our PM, swiveling to change into this new form or, not making war, but contributing to America’s plan for the “better” Middle East 

Then I realized that as much as I had resisted the CNN slogans and Fox news headlines, the other side of the scale had in fact sucked me in. It has become “fashionable” to condemn our politicians as incompetent and unhealthful, when really they do a lot of things right. I, myself, have been guilty of this on several occasions. The black and white was still pulling at my thoughts until they became lost in the eddy of others views and not truly my own. The grey area, which was so hated, faded and its loss has caused more destruction then its existence. It is a fact of marketing; people like clear-cut, straight lines – no foggy zones.

One of the problems with the Middle East dilemma is that it has become more about who is right then what. I didn’t want the US to go to war and I didn’t want to help them now either. Yet, we’re in this. Yes, that nation can say we’ll ignore it and it is none of our business, but it still effects us greatly.  

To give you some insight to my personal opinion I will share some experiences with you. I was with a group of American’s on the day that Saddam’s sons we’re killed. They cheered at the news of their deaths with great elation. How can anyone cheer at another’s death? Even though they were horrible people, I mourn the fact that they had not the knowledge to see what they were or the experiences to care. The were born and brought up into it. Maybe it was necessary to kill them, I will not debate that here, but to rejoice at their lives, pathetic as they were caused me grave anger. 

They praise their own lavishly yet refer to the UK’s armored forces as “their lapdogs.” This hypocritical behavior caused my vision to be smeared with my own enragement. The words “I am right because I’m America” burn in my head though they are no longer newly spoken.

Then the question then came to mind “What would I think of Chretien’s proposal had it appealed to a country contrary to the United States of America?” The answer left me abashed. I had chained myself, piece by piece, to this wall built of the fact that “I was right.”

I still do believe that I’m right; that there were other things we could have done in placement of war that would have been more efficient then the current solution – But as I stated before, we are in this now and Canada will do what we are known to do and make the best of it. The idea is right and if it becomes UN backed it will receive well internationally.

My fears are that once backed that the American troops will repudiate the coterie and continue as they are ignoring our leaders and using the name of our support. Call me Machiavellian but this war has not been entirely honest and I do not feel that the truth will shine on the eagle’s wings any time soon.

The UN will only enter Iraq if it is under an American leader and reports to the American militia. The image of a beaver in the “Freedom” bird’s claws is ever so vivid in my mind as I think that what works in theory often will not in practice.


More then their authors can know: The effects of the Stanford book list on my perception of the author, the reader, and my own writing amongst them.

Each on the perspective pieces added another nuance in the never-ending processes of composition. Each voice of each book spoke out to the reader’s core. Some made music acrid with their words, while others - from their pens, came a melancholy flow of sounds. The pieces were either a hiatus from the world or a magnet drawing one towards its many aspects. Different as an eye from an ear, yet still of the same face, these works circumscribed my mind. Taking me on a flight, or sending me plummeting to the ground, I did not and do no care. They have taught me more then their author’s can ever know.

The Great Gastby was a tale with which hide away. The story itself is possible, if not probable, but I found that in the duration of studying the small neatly printed type, which grant you wasn’t very long, that it was extremely ostensible in mind that is was just a novel. I did not become attached to the couples, in their odd geometric shape of love and lust, nor did I feel real pain when Myrtle Wilson was killed by Daisy, though I did not miss the irony of it; Killed, accidentally, by her lover’s wife, while her husband collapses into the arms of her lover – it is a sticky business indeed that of concealment, for truth will always surface if you give it time.

My attention didn’t atrophy through the entirety of this novel. Right at the beginning, the thought provoking style of Fitzgerald dared me to question, sending my mind into a spiral of contemplations with which I become infatuated.

“Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window.” 1.

This short quotation alone- because we as people measure success on very visual things [cars, houses, cloths ect.] it is fair to say this, but success is not these things, only the appearance of them. Not meaning to digress form the main point, I just wanted to show the path on which a mind may find itself lost for hours. That was only one sentence and right at the birth of the story, no less.

Transferring on to It is six a.m. Do you know where you are?, a much short in physical length, but not in value. This collection of words make themselves your own, for in this work, you are the main character. It is you walking down the hallway of your dull office building. You dancing in the flashing sweat of the down town nightclub. So like or hate this character, they are you.

One of the most prominent lessons learned of these compositions was the importance of disposition towards the protagonist. Designed to be and angel or the model of all mankind’s depravity, it matters not, if the reader has no feel towards them. That was the only struggle faced while reading the great Gastby; I was indifferent to the narrator. There was nothing wrong, but he wasn’t consonant with the other characters in the story nor was he their contrast. He simply floated through the book, all potential nothing more.  A character needs to grab you by the spine and make your blood coagulate within the veins, so that the heart hastens to pump the thicken juice in its state.

Then there is the voice from which the writer is to be heard. Some write with a fox’s tongue sweetened with candied fruit of insinuations, or others with the booming marble of one that will be heard whether people wish it or not. An author writes with the musical notes of the reader’s heart; Even a rap-loving teenager can find solace in Mozart’s pacific psalms. 

The thoughts waiting to be put on paper, must first find a form that will attract the reader that they will perform for. Some author’s arrange them to draw a “type” of reader; other’s let them flow and see who comes. One method claims writing a discipline the other an art form.

 For example A man without qualities, A wittier work I have not read. The writer winds with it a wonderful repertoire of text. Though many in the class disliked the book for it’s lengthy detailed descriptions there is sheer elation brought from the order of words streaming across the page. The fist paragraph itself – listing the scientific variables for which to make up a “fine day in august” and not to tell the reader of it till the end of the ordeal.

 I was delighted immensely, with “Kakania” – chapter eight’s description of the city. I could feel my eyes dance in their sockets following the type across the page, all the sounds of it bubbling silently on my lips.  

 “Air and earth form an anthill traversed, level upon level, by roads live with traffic, air trains, ground trains, underground trains, people mailed through tubes, special delivery…” 1. It continues, this is a book of run on sentences, which is not at all a bad thing. I do not think that the author was writing the book for twenty some teenagers to sit and discuss over coffee, yet we did none the less and enjoyed it more for the fact of that.

Between these pieces, and many more to add, I tried to work for the balance of the right extremes. I came writing only for myself, and on leaving I was writing for anyone who would listen. My words are food for the world to grow fat off of, and compiling the skills needed to do so one can feed the population’s mind. None of these cane me proclaimed conventional pieces, they are “la crème a la crème” and I hope one day I will be among them.